Get High-Speed Internet In Noosa With Fibre To Your Home

Get high speed internet to your home in Noosa when you connect to Legion Telecom’s new fibre-to-the premise 10G customer access network. Ultra reliable, blistering speeds during on and off peak times. Because you deserve better.

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Because you deserve better, faster internet in Noosa

If you’re tired of suffering from slow or unpredictable internet connectivity, suffer no more!

 (We’ve invested in global leading technology to offer up to 10Gbps symmetric capacity to Noosa residents, resorts and business operators through our new fibre network. From the fibre in the ground to the equipment in your home or office, we cut the middleman to provide a superior connectivity experience. We’ve engineered a world-class, reliable network, connected to the Sunshine Coast sub-sea international cable to deliver the internet experience you deserve. Now available across Noosa.

Better Service

Our localised focus means we are there to help you with any support at any time. Our team are local and ready to answer any questions.

Better Quality

We own and operate the end to end network to deliver our fibre solutions. You can rely on our network as you make Zoom calls, watch streaming videos or complete those stock trades.

Better Speed

Our new fibre network automatically scales up its capacity to deliver the speed and connectivity we promise you from the outset. Built for home or business needs.

Noosa Fibre to the Premise

Residential internet plans starting from $109 per month

100/100 Mbps


Min cost $5,574 over 36 mths inc. GST.*

✔ Unlimited Download
✔ Symmetrical Speed

200/200 Mbps


Min cost $7,950 over 36 mths inc. GST.*

✔ Unlimited Download
✔ Symmetrical Speed

1Gbps Symmetrical


Min cost $15,294 over 36 mths inc. GST.*

✔ Unlimited Download
✔ Symmetrical Speed

All plans include unlimited data* & Plume SuperPod™

*Additional once off service installation charges may also apply, subject to site inspection. Pricing above is exclusive to Noosa residents only – contact us to find out if your location qualifies for these prices. Unlimited data is subject to Legion’s Fair Use Policy. All Services include LEGION fibre to the premise with one Plume SuperPod™

Residential Plans include Plume WiFi

We provide superior hardware with Plume HomePass®

Plume SuperPods™ include the cleverly designed and always up to date HomePass® app – intuitive control:

✔ Adapt™ – Consistent speed and coverage with WiFi that proactively adjusts to you.
✔Control™ – Intuitive tools for managing users, devices, and internet access.
✔ Guard™ – Best-in-class security powered by AI.
✔ Sense™ – Whole-home motion awareness for peace of mind.

Options for additional SuperPods to easily extend your home WiFi coverage that extends the full capacity of your LEGION fibre service.

Noosa fibre network

Check availability for your home

Check availability of the Legion fibre network in Noosa on the map below to see if our high-speed internet plans are available to your home. Our map is updated regularly as we roll out the network.

Don’t see your location highlighted on the map?

Contact us to register your location and we will reach out once our network is being connected in your area.

Say farewell to drop-outs, congestion, over-pricing, & copper. Say hello to high speed internet in Noosa.

Legion’s high-speed fibre network transforms Noosa from being a neglected, underserved and copper-dependent region into a clever community with world-class Telecommunications.

We deploy fibre optic cable from end to end. No copper, no time-outs, no compromise! Just fast internet that works every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a homeowner. How will Legion Fibre-to-the-Premise benefit me?

Legion full fibre offers homeowners multiple benefits:

  • Reliable lightning fast internet 24/7 from our direct fibre optic connection that you do not share with your neighbours.
  • Equally fast up and download speeds up, so your family or roommates can share, stream and game with no buffering delays.
  • Home entertainment and Zoom meetings the way it is meant to be – live streaming without interruption.
Is this offered on NBN?

Legion does not use nbn™ to deliver its services. Legion builds and runs its own fibre network designed to deliver next-level internet speeds at an affordable price.

Will I get the full 1Gbps when testing?
Depending on the testing servers, Yes. Most customers experience 95% of the speed advertised on off-peak times and 90% on peak.
Can I use my own router?

To ensure quality of service, we recommend that you use our Legion equipment which supports full symmetrical fast fibre internet.

My Wi-Fi doesn’t reach certain spots in my home or building, how can Legion help?

When we install our service, we ensure that your new equipment is strategically placed to maximise your Wi-Fi range within your home or building. Our Plume SuperPods™ have been chosen due to there revolutionary smart WiFi technology that allows greater coverage than standard routers or range extenders. If you have a large residence, we offer additional SuperPods™ based on the layout. Our customer service team will assist in providing you the right equipment for maximum coverage and output.

Can I upgrade at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. Just reach out to us via phone or email and our team will assist you.

What is a good internet speed at home?

If you are heavily streaming High Definition (HD) and 4K video, you should be looking for a home internet plan with at least 75Mbps. If there is more than one person sharing your connection within the household, you are better off with 150Mbps or more.

If the entire household is full of very active internet users, who stream multiple 4K shows at the same time, take video calls, are into online gaming or like to back up large amounts of data to cloud, you will need a plan with speeds of 500Mbps or more.

You can never have too much speed and it is always good to have extra on reserve. Remember if you are not subscribed to a full fibre service, you may not be always getting the connection speed you are paying for. Contact us learn more about how we install direct, full fibre connections to homes in Noosa Waters.

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