10G Fibre-Optic Network For Sunshine Coast

SECURE, FAST, RELIABLE & SIMPLE SET UP. Legion deploys powerful 10G capacity networks to deliver ultra-speed internet across the Sunshine Coast. Contact us for a bespoke fibre solution.
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Legion 10G

Fibre Network


Legion is a licensed telecommunications carrier deploying a 10G fibre-optic network that shifts the Sunshine Coast from being a neglected, copper-based region onto the springboard of world class Telecommunications.

We deliver high-speed internet, voice, cloud and managed IT solutions to businesses, developers (greenfield and brownfield developments), hotels & apartments, high-density residential buildings and communities.

Enhanced cost, performance, & competition

The new 10G network means that fresh Terrestrial and Ocean Fibre networks can, at last, unleash much-needed performance for businesses & new developments throughout the Sunshine Coast and beyond to both the Global internet and also to inland Queensland, without having to pass through New South Wales.

Legion News

Community Updates

The Legion Team Is Growing

The Legion Team Is Growing

The Legion team is at the forefront of a new high-speed fibre network being deployed on the Sunshine Coast. Legion Telecom is the Sunshine Coast’s most agile and innovative telecommunications company, delivering super fast and reliable internet to...

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Smart City &  Dumb Buildings

Smart City & Dumb Buildings

The bold investments made by both Sunshine Coast Council and the private sector into the evolution of Maroochydore are heralding the Smart City which continues to win International Awards of recognition....

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Forest Glen Gets a high-speed Fibre Broadband Network

Forest Glen Gets a high-speed Fibre Broadband Network

Forest Glen and World-Class Broadband now have a lot more in common, despite Australia falling down to below 60th in the World Ranking for Broadband performance in December 2019. In fact, much of this Division 7 Council of The Sunshine Coast is...

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The Sunshine Coast is becoming the new Global Gateway for internet to and from Queensland.

Legion is enabling a better Sunshine Coast Broadband Network for the Community. 


                  We deliver

Better & Faster Value


We are supporting the Sunshine Coast’s vision to deliver access to better high-speed internet across the region and lay the foundation for Sunshine Coast businesses to benefit from the new Sub-Sea Cable.


True Optic Fibre networks perform at the speed of light.

We deliver

We guarantee with 99.9% availability and performance

We’re All About 10G!

We are building 10G Fibre networks to enable uncongested, fast, reliable and future-proof computing and telecommunication.

10G delivers internet speeds up to 10 times faster than most of today’s networks and 100 times faster than what you’ve probably experienced.

Quickly say farewell to drop-outs, congestion, over-pricing, and copper.


Our 10G Commitment

We will Connect the under-connected.

We are increasing consumer affordability of broadband across the Sunshine Coast.

We are enabling better education, healthcare, commerce and lifestyle while enhancing business competitiveness.

We provide free audits to help you upgrade to world class performance

We are well Connected, and you will be too.

First Choice For 10G Broadband

We deliver better business outcomes. Our high-speed internet & data services enable world class VoIP, Security, Cloud Computing & Storage, Teleconferencing, Surveillance, Trading & Interactive Apps, Telemedicine, Policing and Emergency Services.

Our network is available in both new and old residential apartments to power up HD streaming entertainment, Social Media, Video & real-time Gaming.

Our Community

Over $1 Billion is being invested in the future of the Sunshine Coast. Essential infrastructures of Road, Rail and Airport unfold concurrently with Medical leadership of the Region for Hospitals, Universities, Research and Invention. Telemedicine is advanced by Optic Fibre.

As a team of Sunshine Coast leaders, we have come together to create Legion, to recruit only the best for the Sunshine Coast Community and connect the vision for world class Optic fibre to reality for the entire Region.

We are Legion

We deliver Innovation that unleashes technology for the Smart City, Smart Suburbs, Silicon Coast, Centres of Innovation and Regional Development.

Legion connects Fibre to offices, new and old Apartments, Hotels, residential Estates, retail Shops, Council sites, Business Parks, Wireless Base stations, all Health services, Schools & Universities, and all Businesses, small and large.

If you would like to upgrade your business, apartment and community with our 10G Network, please contact us now. We provide free audits.

Our Future

The Technology behind Optic Fibre is immensely complex.

We focus on Customer Experience.

We deliver to those that value the enjoyment of great connectivity.

Legion is the Smart Choice for the “Smart City”.

We provide free audits and consultancy to enable the Smartest path for connecting your future.


Smart Choice

We inject the lifeblood of the internet revolution into Commerce, unleashing faster business practice, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and Unified Communications for Teleconference, Hosted PBX, File and Document Management, Storage, and world-class business uptime.

Legion is the Smart Choice for the “Smart City”. We provide free audits and consultancy to enable the Smartest path for connecting your future 

Our Solutions


We deliver ICT services over our 10G Network. We are the first choice solution to enable VoIP, Cloud Computing and Storage, Streaming entertainment, Social Media, Video, Teleconference, real-time Gaming, Trading & Interactive Apps, Telemedicine, Finance Technology, Surveillance, Live Recognition, Policing and Emergency Services


10G Data & internet

On average, Australia has fallen to ranking 68th in world performance for internet. Legion powers that back up for you.

Our data traffic allowances are unlimited and supported by world class Managed Network services. 

10G Voice

Queensland businesses are still migrating to Internet hosted Voice and PBX systems. Legion activates low cost & high quality VoIP and Video. 

Now, when you choose world class internet, you can talk clearly about it

10G Cloud Services

Business competitiveness and broadband performance are inextricably linked.

Collaboration is shifting to better and faster tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Even Skype has been upgraded. We make the shift fast for you.

10G Managed

High performing business ICT environments need world class guaranteed availability, full time monitoring and proactive Service.

Legion provides a single point of service management across your network.


Legion Telecom provides high-speed data, internet, voice, video and managed IT services for business and enterprise customers and apartments on the Sunshine Coast over our new 10G fibre-network.