4 Significant Business Benefits of Full Fibre Internet Connectivity


by Amy-Rose Goodey



  1. Direct Full Fibre is not Just Fast, it is Lightning Fast!

Data travels through fibre optic fibres lightning fast – at 330,000 kilometres per second which is much faster than older copper connections. Fibre offers symmetrical upload/download speeds with no sharing between buildings and subsequently, there is no planning of tasks around peak internet-use times.

Research suggests that employees waste one week per year waiting for their internet connection to respond. If you have 10 employees, that adds up to 50 days or more of lost productivity! Also, a poll conducted by Deloitte in Australia revealed that the top cause of end user frustration was slow internet which led to an increase in employee complaints.

  1. Reliability and Savings Over the Long-Term

Fibre optics is more resistant to weather, electrical interferences and corrosion compared to its copper counterparts. This reduces outages and variances in data transmission speeds. Initial installation may come at a cost, yet it is well worth the investment. Fibre optic networks are designed to outlast and outperform – paying your business regular dividends in increased productivity.

  1. Full Fibre is Cloud Ready

Almost all businesses use some form of cloud computing, such as Microsoft Office. These cloud-based platforms facilitate employees to work from home, yet many users struggled with poor internet connectivity and latency. A direct full fibre connection at the office or at home speeds up file transfers (both upload and download speeds) to help regain productivity.

  1. Seamless Video Conferencing

Have you ever been unable to decipher what your colleague was saying during a Zoom meeting? You are not alone. Full fibre connections create a seamless video and audio experience. Unfortunately, many internet users at work or at home are subscribed to services which no longer meet are changing needs of our online world.

Until now the greatest barrier to full fibre optic internet service to your business or your employees’ homes was that there has been limited access to providers on the Sunshine Coast. Feel free to contact Legion Telecom today for more information on how you can connect to fast fibre. It is more affordable than your think!


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